What in Tarnation???

24 thoughts on “What in Tarnation???”

  1. What happened with Charlie and his renal disease?? Did he make it…? The only thing I can think of that made their behavior appear so out of the ordinary might be that they could see or feel Galactic ships. Maybe the ships are getting closer now .


    1. Charlie made it, Sunny. All has returned to normal. Rusty went back outside about 4am after sleeping with me all night. I still have no answers as to what was going on. The energy is still rough this morning, so I lay here to find calm waters and stay there.


      1. So glad Charlie made it. Yes I noticed Karen had said our pets will display ascension symptoms also. So glad you and the cats are doing better


  2. All gather now. All scatter now. We are at the cusp. I felt the energy just reading your description. When you got into the shower to calm, I realized I’d been holding my breath the whole time. So glad you got your “connection” back. You need your writing outlet. I need your writing, too. Thanks, luv. 🙂


  3. We have cats too. They are very sensitive to energies as you already know. I would wonder about a possible earthquake not necessarily in your area or wonder what they are seeing that others are not. With cats always come wonderment. 🙂 You are an amazing person caring for all those special cats! How do you get them all to get along? We have six and the boys would rather not share the house. They all came into our life during some difficult times. They are such amazing mystical beings!

    Love to you dear Amy!! And to all those great and small that share your life! 🙂



    1. Hi, Denise. Firstly I found an article by Karen Bishop that explains what is happening in my life. IAM going up in vibration and as I do, my cats do as well. Last night must have been the HUMP that always happens when IAM just moving through the fog and up and out to a Higher Level. Out of chaos comes order. And out of that order, comes Creation. As for my cats getting along……I’ve taught them to LOVE. Even with the feral cats that come here, I have taught my cats to LOVE these feral cats. Now, cats being cats, there will be altercations, at which I go flying to make sure no one gets hurt. It has taken many years of constant reinforcement that LOVE is the way to live. My cats help me as I do my “spiritual work”. They are my “Constant Companions” among others. Yes, they are most amazing and truly they stun me time and time again as I watch them do something that just takes my heart and squeezes. Intriguing is what they are. Mystical. Hmmmmm…….Kind of like me……..LOL

      Love, Amy


      1. Noted…I will have to check out her article and keep that in mind with my own cats and dogs. Thank you Lady Pink Rose!


  4. Dear Amy… IAM feeling more and more of THE CHANGE coming. Am sooo excited; love reading your posts re your experiences. I truly believe you are helping so many Souls Balance their energies/prepare for the incoming NEW… you have been chosen due to your very kind, gentle and tender, WISE Heart. IAM thrilled for us all. Ready to float balloons upward in Thanksgiving. Thank you for all that you’re doing for humanity, the little/big animals and our Mother Planet. I feel like dancing in childlike fashion… carefree and listening to my body.
    With Much Love & Pure JOY… xox, Lin
    P.S. I also Know, as do you, that your little ones, although uncomfortable sometimes, are being Blessed and looked after by the Light as well. 🙂


    1. Lin, Honey, how can I possibly adequately write a response to what you wrote that has left me getting on my knees in gratitude? Tears glisten in these eyes of mine, as this Heart is so overfilled with Love for you. How your energy and your words deeply in great gentleness, came into my Being and nested in my Heart. I only know that there is this Great Urge within me to speak Truth, to Love all, to help those Hearts who come here by touching them with my beautiful flowers and by what I am led to write.

      I will accept all you say here, and now see myself as the Balancer, She Who Leads the way into our New Kingdom. No longer am I a catalyst, no longer. By your “sight” IAM Lady Love, She Who Balances, She Who Heals Broken and Weary Hearts. IAM Who IAM. (and I noticed how you have begun to write IAM. NICE! Think about just that for a few minutes and “see” what you feel/hear/know.) IAM smiling as I just wrote that…….

      Yes, YES! BE Free! Dance and BE as a child! This is what is coming through to me all the time. We are now returning to Our Innocence. Our True Essence of who we ARE. The more you let go of control and just BE BE BE YOU, the more you shall see before your very eyes, miracles. They probably are already manifesting. You, and I shall include myself in this, just are not seeing. Take for example my story of my keyboard charging with nothing in the port to charge, for the part that did the actual connecting to the male -female was missing. And all those months my keyboard charged, until it was time for me to tell the story.

      I did NOT even know a miracle was happening. My eyes did not see until the manager at the store I was at to buy another keyboard, pointed out to me that the actual charging unit was gone. Totally. Then it hit me. OMG! I have been charging all these months on WHAT???? My energy???? This I am exploring more, believe me!

      It’s things like this, everyday things, that we don’t even realize “something” has changed. This is why I am writing episodes of my life to encourage others to really start seeing into their own lives. WE are truly in the New World, or the beginnings of it. And yet, we stumble as though blind. And I shall include myself again, for I like everyone else, am learning.

      Wow. For not knowing what to write, again, the words just flowed FOR YOU. I Love you, Lin, so much. I KNOW with All IAM that just by BEing here, the Light, Love and Energy that is found here, shall have profound effects in your life, if it hasn’t already. Like attracts like. And enhances IT.

      With all my Love and utmost Gratitude, Amy


  5. I dearly loved, loved, loved reading you this morning!
    I have been in your shoes, hoping hubby will help me put things back together. I also have been beside myself asking for help with my rescue dogs. I screamed at my angels a few months back.

    Maggie, who came to me almost unable to walk, after a year living in a cage, waiting for a family for over a year. I had just taught her to eat snow the weekend before my morning of horror. She was doing perfect and was so happy the day before. She was running (!) along the fence line after the big bad brown UPS truck! I awoke to a dog in distress, this just jolts your heart awake. In N. AZ. no ER vet around at 4 AM, closer than an hour away. Maggie being Bernard and Mastiff mix meant I was on my own, at home, unable to move her until vet opened up at 8AM.

    I imagine she had a heart attack, I have no other idea of what took her away from me so soon. I had thought I had much more time with her, to counteract & heal all that other human beings had done to her. By 7:45, stiff, cold, snot filled sinuses with tears streaming down my face, struggling to keep myself in control when everything was completely out of control, I lost it. Pinkrose, I completely lost it.

    Maggie was so scared, her eyes so wide, her body unable to move, her legs wouldn’t work….she was pleading with me to fix this. I couldn’t. I could only lay my body alongside hers, hold her, talk to her, pray for her. Being Irish, by 7:45 I was out of patience and damn tired of watching Maggie suffer so. This had gotten quite unacceptable to me by this time.

    I screamed and scared the hell out of hubby(in the other room, laying low, watching me, keeping out of my way drinking his coffee). I said to the angels, “You said your right here. You said all I had to do was ask for help. You said that you could help and would help, just ask us. WELL DO IT NOW! I AM ASKING YOU NOW! This girl doesn’t require more terror or fright, there is no purpose to her suffering one minute longer than she already has in this lifetime. Take her now to heaven. I am calling you now! Take her now with you to heaven!”

    One more breath. One more deep knowing look from her. Holding onto her tightly, my body molded around here, I let her slip into the angels arms who showed up for me and heard my call to them. She was gone. Almost the second I stopped screaming for the angels, they took her.

    Boy today is horrible for me. I feel so weak, foggy in the head, bones hurt, energy level is still on Empty again today.( I wrote on Oct 4, 2012 (Aisha North) about my little Welsh Terrier who passed over and a beautiful cloud show that night. Raggedy Annie has been gone over a year. (Tears typing this to you today)…

    The 4 dogs I currently have in my home, will not allow me one second to myself, without their pitiful faces looking so dejected & isolated from my constant attentions. Oh boo hoo, spoiled silly dogs.

    I can tell you that I should be getting eggs from 12 girls and 1 surprise rooster but no eggs yesterday at all. I have no idea what is going on but I am very in tuned with them all.

    Sending you a hug, So Happy you wrote all about all your cats. LOL, you didn’t mention Bella! Where is our pretty little girl Bella in all this fun last night? Observing from a safe place? LOL!!!!

    Love, Terri (Pupma)


    1. Oh, my Dearest Soulmate, Terri. Now your words are safely here, and with the Love and Energy that is so Sacred at Petals Unfolding, all that trauma is now gone. Just gone. And in the place of that trauma, is a warm glow of such Love, that goosebumps shall form on your body, letting you know Angels are attending to you now. Oh Sweetheart, your words are now cleansed and all the deep woundings associated with them, washed clean.

      Let go, Little One, and fly HIGH. Fly high with Eagle. Run swiftly as the Doe. You are Free. Free. Free.

      My Heart is Your Heart. Your Love is my Love. WE are ONE. It is OK to loose it, Terri, for the emotion in all we do, is too much at times to stay calm. Your story touched me only another One who does what we do, touched deeply in a place not many understand. I do.

      I LOVE you. I HONOR you. IAM YOU. YOU are ME. Let go all that is holding you down, for I break those chains NOW and set YOU free! Fly, Terri! And KNOW all you have done, and all you are doing, only an Angel could do.

      With deepest Compassion and Love, Amy

      PS……Go look at my roses that are under the article Seduction in the Rain. Let the raindrops clean ALL so that your Bright Light ignites YOU. Take flight, Terri, for your time has certainly come!

      On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 3:57 PM, Petals Unfolding wrote:

      > ** > pupma commented: “I dearly loved, loved, loved reading you this > morning! I have been in your shoes, hoping hubby will help me put things > back together. I also have been beside myself asking for help with my > rescue dogs. I screamed at my angels a few months back. Mag” >


      1. I think today is a cleansing day for me.
        The tears will just not stop flowing.
        Roses….pink rose lady. Your words for me….
        God bless you dear friend (:


      2. When the tears stop flowing, BeLoved Friend, your Soul will thank you. Your Heart will once again Smile Brilliantly and thank you for letting go of those chains that bind Her.

        With All my Love, Amy…..Bella was safely tucked away in the study where she eats snackies……….


    2. Dearest Terri… Unfortunately, I can relate to the great loss of your Beloved Maggie. Our little (big) ones are our babies. To watch them suffer is almost impossible. If I could wrap my arms around you… and Maggie… I would. Instead, I send you both my Love. Before she passed, your Maggie had the good fortune to KNOW Love/BE Loved by you. God’s Blessings to you both.
      xo, Lin


    3. Dearest Terri and Amy, I send you bountiful love and light to surround you with healing love. The animals you care for are blessed to be in the presence of your loving souls. They have the knowing to seek you out. They will always be with you in spirit and love. They chose to be with you for the time you were able to share no matter how long or short. Thank you for all that you give in the name of love for our animal family. I as well know the joy and happiness of their love, the long hours for healing, and the sadness of partings. So it is with the autumn winds today on feathers light I send you my hearts song. Love, love, love, love, love to each of you!

      Twin hearts,



      1. Oh Denise, what kind supportive words.
        My heart is warmed by the love I feel coming to me through your words.
        I hope your day is filled with blessings today.
        Love & light, Terri (:


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