9 thoughts on “Impossible”

  1. Awesome example of how things happen to help us find our true power! So funny, the male plug wont stay in properly on the femaale port of my Kindle. 🙂 Right there with you, Lady!!! And I loved seeing Tigger’s bite marks. My daughter’s cat (who is no longer with us) scratched her really badly when he was a kitten. He left puncture marks on her tummy. We were looking at this yesterday, and I said “Rip! You have a constellation to remember your Leo by.” For the first time she was glad it had happened. 🙂


  2. I really enjoyed this story! Good topic, thank heavens, the story happened! (:
    Love, Terri
    P.S. I also have a few items around the old cabin with some bite marks! They make me smile too!


    1. Ah, thank you, Terri. Bless you for reading my words. It really makes me THINK what we can really do when we get into that FLOW. BUT, how HOW do we stay there and get there without even knowing we are there!

      Yes, those bite marks have become sacred. I have a whole house full of “stuff” Tigger chewed and bit. He really was my most troubled guy and to see him “loose” it, well broke my heart.

      I Love you! Amy


  3. You are right — this miracle was deliberately revealed to you so that you could share this story with the rest of us.
    This is what the majority of humans would classify as a “fairy story”. They doubt (constantly), and thus cut themselves off from the actual fairy tale worlds of the Higher Realities:

    But how to get there and STAY there, minus the human doubts…..this is one of the best questions ever asked.
    I would say, you first CHANGE YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM.

    Whenever you present a term such as “Impossible” — take a good long in-depth look at it, and know that All-That-Is contains EVERYTHING….both the possible & impossible. So that you will come to understand the paradox that *Everything is Possible*.
    i.e. It’s even possible to create a belief, that something in reality is considered Impossible.


    1. Kiera, if I replied to you already…..then this will make two. I really thank you for your insightful reply. I do not truly believe “impossible” anymore, due to what IAM seeing in my own life. There are certain words in my vocabulary that IAM eliminating, and impossible is one of them. When I was a Teacher’s Assistant, I told the kids, “there is no such as word as can’t in my dictionary!” because they were forever whining they couldn’t do what I was presenting them with. Well, over the course of the school years, those kids learned “there is no such as word as can’t” because they now at least attempted to do what the teacher asked them to learn.

      Yes, all the “negative programming” is yesterday’s history.

      LOL I deliberately chose the title of this article to “catch your eye”. And it did! LOL

      With all my Love, Amy


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