12 thoughts on “GOD”

  1. LLL, I adore how you always ask the questions instead of only making a statement. Really makes people feel. And your kitties are so wise to have posed in the perfect posisitions to be examples for your words. Just saw your self-portrait at the bottom here for the first time. What a beautiful and joyful smile!!! Love you Rose!


    1. AH, my cats did not know I took that picture, for they were sound asleep and cuddled in each other’s paws, something I have not ever seen them do. My heart was in my throat as I took that pic…..the LOVE just exploded, the tenderness, how they touched me I have no words for. These are Whispers (left) and Doodles (right).


  2. So true Amy!

    I often use humor to reach out to others. Last night I caused a tidal wave of joy and fellowship in the chorus and it opened everyone’s hearts. So wonderful feeling. Hoping to convey the same feeling for my ex-husband who I soon will meet 🙂

    Love you Amy!


  3. Ahhhhhh…such cute kitties! Thank you Lady Pink Rose for your words and thoughts. So very true and you love true as well. Love your pictures of cats and roses. Much love back to you dear Rose.


  4. LP, you give sooo much Love in sooo many ways. In Gratitude with Hugs&Kisses, Lin
    P.S. I fell into Love with Bluemoonfire’s vid. My Heart drank it in… several times of watching it. Thx,
    Bluemoonfire. xo


    1. I too fell in love with Bluemoon’s video. Thank you, Lin, for your support of me that I cherish so much. IAM composing the next article…..Loosing my keyboard took me out of the rhythym I was in, so now I must find it again. This story is another miracle story. Hey, do not sell yourself short! Your Light is very bright and effects more then you realize! I Love you!!!! Hugs and Kisses, Amy


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