Seduction in the Rain

7 thoughts on “Seduction in the Rain”

  1. Well, that lasted for a couple of hours :)… So, now that I broke my silence (for today anyway), might as well tell you, dear Amy, how much I’ve enjoyed your new posts–here and at Aisha’s. I Love YOUR
    Wisdom. Keep going. Much Love, Lin


    1. Lin, you are such a Love. My Life is so Blessed because of you. I want you to know this deeply in your Heart.

      I am still on quiet mode myself. What I had “planned” for this day did not happen, yet what I didn’t “plan” like this post, did happen.

      With so much Love, Amy


    1. Brigitta, Bless you! Yes, these Roses stir my Heart as well! They represent not only those of us around the Pond, but ALL who come here to gaze in Love at the Wonders of Rain on Petals.

      Thank you for the link! And thank you for coming here to Petals Unfolding. You honor me doing so!

      Love, Amy


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