9 thoughts on “LIFE or DEATH”

  1. Wow so powerful. And so true. We must MUST keep our vibration up these days and keep saying those positive affirmations over and over . No Meghan, the cat, did not care about the dirty floors or towel. Only that she had a safe life in a safe place with loved ones to care for her. She chose Life.


    1. Thank you, Sunny! It is vitally important we keep our vibration up for the chasm between “worlds” is so radical right now, that to be pulled off our perch would mean a very far fall. Yes, I follow Meaghan’s example. BE in my zone and Bliss out. My cats have taught me so much, and still are!

      Keep choosing Life, Sunny! You will regret no-thing!

      I do SO Love you, Amy


  2. This is amazing, Amy…and so in-synch with the NOW so many are experiencing. Very, very important truth in your words, as you said, the “trick” is to catch those thoughts before they have the chance to drag one down, and the more we consciously do this, the easier it really does become to avoid those thoughts in the first place 🙂 Some days are easier than others, to be sure, but the strength we all have within ourselves is immeasurable once we begin to tap into it. I’ve not mastered this yet by a long shot, but by choosing to be aware and choosing to work toward it, I know I have the strength and Love for LIFE to get there! (P.S. I’m so relieved I have the energy to READ again and actually absorb what the words mean, LOL!)
    Love & Blessings, Maggie


    1. Mags, I can barely write this or read what I write, but I just wanted to tell you, I LOVE YOU, and I have missed you. I have been going through a very challenging “channel”.

      And I do thank you for your words of encouragement! Bless you!

      Love, Amy


      1. Loving and missing you right back, Ames! Even when I am silent in 3D I am with you, our glowing selves are always flying together and doing important missions on the other side of the veil…if my dreams are any indication of what’s really going on, all I have to say is HOLY MOLY, we have been two very busy faeries these days 😉 ! Get some quality rest, my Dear friend…and pamper yourself!
        Dr. BlueMoon’s presecription for this evening: Mint Chocolate ice cream, a relaxing bubble bath, and a flick that makes you belly-laugh (saw “Bridesmaids last night and laughed so hard I thought I’d pee my pants!)
        Love & Hugs! Maggie


      2. Yes, we have been some serious faeries of late. Bridesmaids? I think I saw it, yet it is good enough to see again. Mint choc. chip ice cream. Check! Epson salt bath. Check! Good flick. Check!

        BIG (((HUGS)))! PinkGlow


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