Heart Touch

8 thoughts on “Heart Touch”

  1. Great article Amy! I love the essence of this, heart touch! I think that’s what I do. I know I’ll look over at the dogs and just smile at them so they know they are relaxed and that is a good thing for them. In 2001, me in Canada and my loved one in Iran (services) I could feel him come to a computer and would sign on as he messaged. We could feel each other… amazing hear touching went on that way. I have no doubt that your cat does the same thing. Here in Costa Rica I try and be very aware of (what I will now call heart touch) when I make it into town. It’s the only way I know how to communicate!

    You inspire me by writing… I keep stalling off starting writing on my own blog with the excuse that I don’t know what to say!
    Love, Nancee


    1. Ah, Honey, the biggest step is the first one. After that is out of the way, you will ask yourself why you waited so long. Not only that, you will be amazed by what comes pouring through you and your hand. I have every confidence in you. I, Amy, your sister, encourage you to take that first BIG step. SEE it in your mind as small, insignificant and then tell your fear to SCRAM!

      I Love you. When I get to it! I plan on putting blogs I follow on my sidebar. I want to see yours there. 🙂

      Sounds to me you are an expert on Heart Touch. YES!!

      Love, Lady Pinkrose


  2. Loved the beginning photo–TRULY! And so very much enjoyed this post–although it took me awhile to finish reading it. Heart Touch to you. xox, Lin


  3. Makes me think of when my Grandma was still alive. Her husband had died when I was very young, and I knew she spent so much of her time completely alone. It occurred to me one day how long it must have been since she ha been touched. How achingly sad I was. I thought then of all the people out there alone. Particularly ones in “homes.” Sterile atmospheres (I know they’re not all pike that…) I wondered then if I should start a mobile “Loving Touch” program to address this issue. Rules and regulations, and of course other fears shut me down. If only…

    So many things like this I never took action on. I had an idea for a “Touch” community outreach program while in college. I recently thought up “Second Helping” food redistribution (all the stuff that just gets thrown away because of legalities) program.

    And I hear you Rose saying to me “Whats stopping you, luv? Create. BE it. Make it.”


    1. Sister, what is stopping you from “practicing” technique on every day? One doesn’t need a business or a corporation or an anthing. Just BE Love in all you do……with your eyes, with your Presence, with your body language, with your hands and touch, with your voice, with your smile and laugh, with your walk……..

      People are actually afraid of touch, AH. I had an experience of that yesterday which I will write about tomorrow. As I am restiing and falling asleep, I have about 4 separate events that I am all tying in together, for they all interrelate and overlap with each other. Between yesterday and today, and whatever unfolds tomorrow, I have been asking if I truly am loosing it. More on this tomorrow….

      I am not using the fish hook technique to get you back here. I just wish to speak fully in one complete article about my experiences so that all my readers can easily find it under one heading instead of looking for clues in the comment section.

      If Life gets any stranger, I don’t know……I just don’t know……

      Love, Amy


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