Tangled Hearts

16 thoughts on “Tangled Hearts”

  1. Profound… inspired from God’s Heart–and expressed by you with lovely gentleness and focused intent and purpose (especially the last 5 paragraphs) so that MY heart heard, opened and received. I believe your genuine, loving energy contained within will effect molecular change for anyone who reads your message. In Truth, I was surprised/caught off guard by my heart’s immediate, willing response–and examined it before being grateful; I hadn’t realized to what extent I armor my Love. Time to let all the history/hurts release and fly away into simple transmutation. Thank you, Amy. Thank you for the Gift. Now I will pass it on, openly or silently, whichever is Called for.
    Love, Lin


    1. Lin, I AM so honored. I bow to thee, my Sister of the Stars. And of course, you BEing who you are, caught on to Gift this Gift to another. Bless you! THANK YOU! Tears in my eyes as I “see” one by one, Hearts BEing set free! I do so LOVE you! Honey, we all armor our Love/Hearts even though we “think” we do not. So much pain is crying to be gone, to be let go of! This is why I wrote what I did here. Truth be told, this article was very challenging for me to write. I really had to dig deep. Now take a peek at the two posts following this one. I know you will “get it”. 🙂 Yours Eternally, Lady Pinkrose


      1. I at times (especially in the winter) write, and as you see with this post, I write as a KAT would. Shrimp, thank you for your support and understanding of me as a person. I am just so glad you have come into my life. (((HUGS))) Amy


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