Some Days…….

7 thoughts on “Some Days…….”

  1. That was yesterday, the 4th, for me – I was so down and bereft, wondering when this old suffering would finally be over. No amount of positive thinking or trying to find joyful things helped. I just had to push through it and stay in as neutral a vibration as I could, and do what I could to create peace and forward-movement. Hopefully these days will become less and less. Sending you strength and support.


    1. Oh, Sweetie, thank you. I actually feel myself pulling out of “this” state about now. When these states happen, especially after yesterday when I felt euphoric, and have to ask, “but why?” Of course, I do not get an answer usually, so I just shovel the ____ until whatever energy I am feeling, passes. A BIG thank you to you!!!! Amy


  2. Absolutely Love your pix, esp this one, and your humor. So looking forward to Gathering; I know you stated you already started. Feeling so Blessed. Joy-Light Blessings to you, Dear Amy, with Love, Lin
    P.S. When I read what you/all at Pond post, I get energized/excited/glad-Hearted… but sometimes, in Truth, I get a little jealous/envious. So that’s when I have to buckle down with great intention to change my attitude/pov to only positive… so that I create only what I want/DESERVE and not more of
    the negative old 3-D stuff (normally, I’m not a jealous/envious sort, but when it comes to Transitioning,
    which means more to me than anything else in the 3-D, I have to be extra careful/aware.)
    I appreciate greatly your posts (everywhere). 🙂


  3. Lin, Luv, you truly are BEing too hard on yourself. Some of us, myself included, choose not to talk about the tough days, yet we still have them. Please do your best not to compare and KNOW you are exactly where you are for reasons YOU designed. How BRILLIANT is that! And then NOT remember that you designed ALL in your Life!
    BIG (((HUGS)))! See you at the Gathering!!


  4. THANX! wow. REC’D YOUR WISDOM ON ALL LEVELS. double wow. Super fast!! Love to you!! Gotta go… get ready for joining you all at Aisha’s. xox, Lin


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