Message of The Crucifix, Rosary, Afghan, and Lavender Sachet

20 thoughts on “Message of The Crucifix, Rosary, Afghan, and Lavender Sachet”

  1. I love this, Amy! Yes, creating from a place of freedom and intuition, not being attached to or worrying about the “outcome” is creation in its purest form…and to do this, one must be able to relax into trust that what is created will be Divine. Rules are out the window, and dogma out the door….time to be truly FREE!
    Love & Hugs, Maggie


  2. Dearest Amy… I absolutely Love your humor and your perseverance/persistence… I may be mistaken, but I believe we both had similar 3-D experiences which no longer apply in “the New”!!! Don’t even want to rehash that era. I used to wonder why I was lonely–why I pushed people away… and it was because I was afraid to give/receive Love (due to 3-D past/so many mixed messages associated with my childhood pov of “Love”).
    Isn’t it wonderful to drop all that now–and just be FREE to BE and give/receive Love! To be silly/goofy/etc., if I feel like it (not that YOU are, speaking for self here). Judgment from myself and others is no longer any of my business. I am careful to do no harm in the process.
    With armfuls of hugs and Love to you with great Gratitude… xox, Lin

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  3. Oh, Lin, you are so welcome. New is truly here. We just all have to figure out the how’s by letting go, truly letting go of the old (I still have a bump on my head from that Crucifix) and just winging it!!!



  4. I had a similar experience when I found a dead raccoon in my shed this summer. I knew he came to die in my shed to teach me that the era of GIVING for me was over, and it was time to enter the new era of RECEIVING. Raccoon medicine is all about giving and taking care of the pact. I did a ceremony and honored him with crystals and a letter thanking him for choosing my property to come to and die at, so he could give me that message. So far the receiving hasn’t happened, but I believe and trust that there are things going on behind the scenes that are putting in place conditions for me to receive. Yes, we have to create with all brand new materials now – and go into the void and unknown to do it. Using our endless imaginations are the key. All of what you learned from your experience is so true.


    1. OH, Sunny, what a touching story. Keep on walking in the Faith, and if at all possible, get into the FEELING or just IMAGINE what your life will BE when that receiving comes in. By doing this, you will attract it to you.

      Love, Amy


      1. Yes, faith, imagination, feeling that receiving coming in, are the keys. You are a great strength to me in many ways.


  5. Thanks for the kinds words, Amy !

    A beautiful picture too.. The “real” (left), the “imaginal” (right) worlds, and the “temple” (top of the crucifix). 1 + 1 = 3 = infinite = 1. Cosmic Love.

    Do you remember your childhood in the garden ? You were never alone. You were talking to other beings, and to someone in particular, all unseen by the others.

    They said they would come back. They’re coming back now.

    Hugs -D-


    1. Truly truly these tears upon my cheeks are results of your words. I remember little from my childhood, all gone blank. Yet the words you speak make me weep. I have been calling for that someone. And the Others. It is time. I feel it.
      Dom, you take my breath away. What you say is so powerful. I arranged those items in that photo according to what my Heart directed me to, and according to what felt “right”. Temple has much meaning to me, for I see it in the Inner. Even my photos I AM saying LOVE. I AM LOVE. AS you ARE.
      As you SEE, I truly AM who I say I AM. 🙂
      (((HUGS))) and so much Gratitude, ~A~


    2. D, I have come back here time and again this day to read your words. They go deep into my spine resonating at the Snake Cave and in my High Heart. Powerful.
      Also have really “pondered” on your mathematical equation and I believe I got it. Heart knows have yet to form it in words.
      Thank you, -D-, for BEing in my life! As always, you bring a “spice” with you. It’s nice! Cinnamon…..


      1. I had such an unforgettable experience last decade with my non-visible twin. An ascension in spiral followed by a meeting in a place, like a Greek temple. The third being was a surprise. The She-He, the result of a fusion between the twin and myself.

        As on the top of the pyramid in Chichen Itza. A door on the left, another one on the right side, and 3 in the middle.

        1 + 1 = 3 = infinite = 1

        There have been other experiences since (and before) but that one is the most wonderful I have ever had.

        You know your twin, Amy. He (or she) was the one in the garden.. 🙂

        Hugs -D-


      2. I have been contemplating how best to respond to this reply, -D-. You really make me go inward.

        I too have had experiences such as you have. Some more vivid or powerful then others.

        Sure I know my Twin, yet to my knowledge, that person has yet to cross paths with me. Last week, I was silly and singing my silly songs and I “heard” a deep baritone rumble of laughter, and this “person” began to play musical instruments from lips, accompanying me, and laughing right along with me. My Heart just about exploded.

        Yes, I feel my Twin close. Very.

        I keep trying to visualize that garden(s), and still the blank slate. I just have this “knowing” that what you say is Truth. 🙂 Thank you and HUGE (((HUGS))) from me!


  6. When the imaginal cells are well aligned, a variation of the twin comes. It seems that when the imaginal cells are totally aligned, there is an ascension followed by a fusion with the perfect twin.

    The twin has always been very close inside and all around, and knows everything about you. There has never been any separation.

    ~Dmnk~ 🙂

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    1. Dom, I do believe your understanding exceeds mine. I don’t know what the imaginal cells are (I saw where you mentioned this again) yet in getting “out of head”, I am grasping something elusive. Unable to put this into words, this I believe has everything to do when a child “innocently and freely” flows, “imagining” all sorts of things, adults do not see or hear. This I do on an emotional level all the time. There are no words to describe this state of BEing. I AM just that I AM.

      Truly you are a very special BEing, -D-. Whip cream with nutmeg and cinnamon sprinkled on a fresh brewed cup of Expresso coffee. 🙂 ~A~


      1. When we see the funny and unexpected part of a situation, we are in direct contact with the imaginal cells. They recreate a whole scenario during the night with all the perceived material – through the 5 senses – the day before. That’s what we did when we were in the garden… 🙂


      2. OMG. Speechless right now except for giggles……I’ve been playing with the molecules…….and having dogs jump out at me in sheer JOY and young girls grinning at me, and drivers waving, a man cutting grass waved……..all because I AM SMILING and playing…..

        -D- In the garden, with Others, speaking our own language……Not remembering yet knowing…….I still speak this language today. 🙂

        Not able to wipe the silly grin from off my face! heheehehehehehe OMG!


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