Note Book, Clean Slate, Life A-New

10 thoughts on “Note Book, Clean Slate, Life A-New”

  1. Whatever happened to you is a special Sign from the above from our Creator. He reloaded You with new You. Looks it was not so bad. You are happy and anxious to live a new life. It suppose to be unusual feeling.
    I am glad you accept and love that. I love your story Amy.


    1. I feel a tad bit embarrassed that you read this, because I was in a totally different phase of my life then I am now. There is so much on Petals that I wrote, that I really need to go through and decide if it stays or I delete it. This part of my life, Alexander, was an extremely fast paced one, in which so many changes were happening that I at times just could not breathe. I have transferred my passion for crocheting to my camera which is one of the huge changes since that time of my life. I also was more comfortable at revealing myself more back then, then I am today. But I am glad you read this for you got a little glimpse into knowing me a little better. I get very uncomfortable when I speak of myself on the personal level. I do well when I speak of what I know as Truth and how I reach out to others. I’ve had a very challenging life which I find easier not to talk about. I have a feeling you understand what I am trying to say. I express myself best through my photography. Let me just say that. Love, Amy


      1. Amy, I found you are very interesting Person. I am sorry I penetrated into your intimate feeling and special part of life. That kind of somebody’s
        sincere writing helps me to understand myself and other people who I care about. Sorry, I do not want to harm you in any way.


      2. No, Alexander, please no. I am honored you read my words. I just get squirmy talking about myself, which I did a lot in my earlier writings. IF this helped YOU, then I am the one that is SO glad. You could never harm me, and to think you actually think you might, brings tears to my eyes. I “see” your Heart, remember? And yes, anything I write is truly sincere, perhaps seen by some as silly, but truly from my Heart. Thank you for taking time to read my words. I really am touched. Love, Amy


      3. And oh, I find you to be a very interesting person as well. I “know” you have walked through “fires of hell” and now are walking Peace. Your strength of character and good Heart shine through everything you write. (((HUGS))) Amy


      4. As I was outside kneeling in mud (so much rain we have had) one thing came to mind regarding you. I do not wish to scare you, Alexander, and if my “seeing” or “knowing” scares you, it is not meant to. For this reason most people all my life have run away from me. I am getting braver in saying that I “see” more then what meets the eye. And look at this! Here I am writing to you and I see you have just written to me. I wish you could see me right now, muddy jeans from with an expression on my face … oh wow! Too funny! OK. I must go. Talk to you later. xx Amy


  2. Amy, I had pretty tough life. Unfortunately, I am not writer and can not tell my story to the public. However I was lucky enough to meet a lot of nice people and was surrounded with love and friendship all the time. This is why I love and appreciate every single minute of my life. Even now I am happy to have friend like you. Thank you.


    1. (smiling) When one has gone through some pretty tough times and when that one is touched by kindness and love, that one’s heart is forever changed remembering how to smile. Some things are better off not being written, my friend. I choose not to write about my past, detail by detail, because the memories would destroy me. I have forgiven and moved forward, never looking back. Bless you, Alexander! (((HUGS))) Amy


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