14 thoughts on “The POWER in a SMILE”

  1. So funny. I had the similar experience where I used to be discontented for so long, ridiculously long time, years and years, that my lips were looking thin. And when I finally started to get Happy my mouth too would quiver. Well, they don’t quiver really anymore, and they are looking full and the corners are turning upright. I’ve gone the direction of an upward spiral and I’m becoming my beautiful self again. Yay! Now if I used these lips for kissing and loving and speaking beautiful words I suspect my whole face will really transform into True Beauty.


  2. Such beauty to behold in a smile. So happy for you that you have found your smile again! Let’s Light up the world together, shall we, with our beautiful faces? What is stopping you from kissing, and loving, and speaking beautiful words? I am kissing my cats all day! And I sing and I speak Loving Words……Will you join me?


    1. Yes, I will absolutely join you, Lady Pinkrose in lighting up the world with a smile that naturally appears more and more as I have been doing the work of letting go all feelings and thoughts of negativity. Have I gone gone off track here? Happy and smiling is being our free and true selves. Helps that I accept what is, And take a stand for heaven on earth. All the time I can choose to tune into the love vibration.


      1. Way to go, Sister!! I think in our collective journeys, we have gone through so much that our “natural state of BEing” (that of smiling), had been temporarily “impaired”. Now that my smile is returning (and making my face look oh so much lovelier!) I join with YOU to connect to ALL the smiles in the world. There is no turning back now, for we truly have walked into the New Era.

        Baby steps we go. I experienced another “science fiction movie” just today, which I plan on writing about here in another post. This split between dimensions is VERY noticeable now. Extremely. Without a doubt, we have triumphed! And with our smiles and a spring in our step, we together IGNITE this world into a Blaze of Glory!

        Weeeeeee! How simple, how extraordinary at the same time, how Brilliant to win this world by smiling! Smiles from the Heart rock this world! Rock on, Sister of Brilliant Smiles!!!!

        BIG (((HUGS))), Lady Pinkose 🙂


      1. Belated response. Lady Pinkrose, it appears those amazing words you wrote in acknowledgement was for someone you thought was Lin? This is not Lin. This is Mylene, or Leah Mylene hence the L. Mylene . Feels like a miscommunication .


      2. Hi, Mylene. In essence, there are truly no mistakes so yes, in a round bout way, these words are meant for you as well. 🙂 I KNOW you are amazing for I SEE your Glory! BIG (((HUGS)))


    1. Yes. I did make an “error”. Thinking back I cannot even tell you why I wrote Lin. I believe that day I had multiple responses to make, and one was to Lin, another woman who reads my posts.
      But, I will go back and say again, there really are no accidents, and also, or why I do what I do when I do it. Somehow everything has a way of working out.

      Lady Pinkrose


    2. Mylene, one other thing. I answered your comment from my email box. I am replying to multiple posts from here and from the Pond. I in no way meant to offend you. I don’t work like that. This was an honest oversight. OK? Some days are so hectic for me, I do not really know how I keep up.


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