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Photographing Bella tonight, I was amazed how many sleeping positions she showed me. All in a manner of about 5 minutes. She was sound asleep for in setting up my camera gear, she did not once open her eyes or show signs she knew I was there, as in an ear twitching towards me. Click after click and with each and every one, she showed me a new position. I wonder what she was dreaming of?

All were taken without a flash except for one. Can you guess which one? It’s pretty obvious.

You talk about Innocence Personified. Just seeing her sleeping like this, and I know waiting for me, puts my Heart in my throat. Bella when she first came to us, yes, SHE came to us……was horribly abused, filthy, terrified, and sick. How anyone could even look at this Beautiful Feline with anything BUT Love is beyond me. Now, she is Loved beyond Measure.

And this makes me Happy.These photographs show one very pampered and Loved Bella Marie.

IMG_1471 copy IMG_1474 copy IMG_1475 copy IMG_1476 copy IMG_1477 copy